Lutron grafik eye keypad manual

Lutron grafik eye 3000 the grafik eye system from lutron allows you to store a number of scenes which can be accessed with the press of a button. Tutorial of how to take a keypad that is working with a grafik eye qs, and program it to control different programmable scenes. Lutron 3button with raiselower pico remote for caseta wireless smart lighting dimmer switch, pj23brlwhl01r, white. Use with lutron grafik eye qs light scene and shading. Use builtin led display to set light levels in 1% increments. These codes can be used with various computer programmable remote controls, including models from philips, marantz, universal remote control inc. This keypad is in excellent physical and operational condition. Grafik eye qs control unit installation and operation guide 2. Measuring instruments control unit indoor furnishing control systems keypad. Lutron seetouch qs keypads are compatible with lutron grafik eye and lutron energi savr node systems. Easily monitor, control and optimize a lutron control system from any tablet, pc or smartphone. Lutron grafik eye 3000 accessories electric supplies online. Models available to work with the following systems. Werks1234 store this offer is for a new lutron sqa 3rn wh e01 3 button white keypad with raise lower function.

Backlit buttons are laser engraved for easy visibility in a dark room. Reprogramming an existing lutron grafik eye 4000 controller. Lowvoltage class 2 pelv wiring, relative humidity less than 90%, meets iec 8012, 1224 vdc, 18 awg cable, 2. Keypad scene programming on a grafik eye qs youtube. We are not about to repeat what we already presented to you about the lutron grafik eye 3000 range of dimming systems, that is. Grafik eye 3000 series 2zone control unit with translucent black cover t. Universal brackets and a new simplified wiring scheme make it easy to specify and install the system. This database features a collection of regular and discrete infrared remote control codes prepared in pronto hex format.

Used to replace existing wall switches and dimmer switches they offer scene settings in a more modern looking frame less design than a traditional light switch. Lutron radiora classic control4 driver drivercentral. Lutron electronics grafik eye qs quick installation and. Lutron grafik eye 30004000 infrared codes remote central. In the event of an alarm, interior lights turn on, illuminating a safe exit, while exterior lights flash to attract attention.

Lutron grafik eye qs components and compatible products credit to. Sivoia qs drives and keypads are powered from a 24 v power supply. Grafik eye qs, homeworks qs, energi savr node, ecosystem and quantum. Lutron grafik eye 3000 accessories power boosterinterfaces, hipower dimming modules, seetouch wallstations with backlit engraved buttons, architectural wallstations, slim button wallstations, large button wallstations, architrave door jamb wallstations, infrared transmitters, infrared controls, occupancy sensor. Lutron offers a variety of matching architectural style wallplates and accessories.

Lutron cable for use with grafik eye qs and other systems such as homeworks and energi savr node. Lutron grafik eye qs components and compatible products. Buy online lutron european seetouch qs 8button raiselower wallstation qswe8brln lutron lighting eu online shop. Press and hold the scene 1 and off button for about three seconds, until the scene leds start cycling. Grafik eye wallstations must be connected to the grafik. Repeat the listensave process for every pico, keypad, tabletop and grafik eye qs that is to be used. If your space requires more than 6 zones, link up to eight grafik eye 3000 series control units together for control of up to 48 zones in one system.

The grafik eye qs wireless control unit operates normally but ignores any wireless devices in programming mode. Shop for lutron, grafik eye, lutron from platt electric supply. Homeworks qs seetouch keypads work seamlessly within the system to control lights, shades, temperature and integrated devices. To find a guide or video for a specific product or system, please use the dropdown menus below. Lutron hwqs designer wired seetouch 7 button keypad snow. Control electric light and daylight at the touch of a button. I am not aware of a lutron app for specifically controlling a grafik eye unless it is under the control of homeworks. To anyone that does not know what a grafik eye grx is, here is a pic. Each device address is separated into 35 elements as shown in the tables below. These models use grafik 7000 communications protocols omx and are retrocompatible with existing systems. Everything you need to know about the lutron grafik eye.

Lutron homeworks qs also makes a home safer by automatically turning landscape and security lighting on and off each night. Many variations available from stock with free delivery on. For more setup options, refer to the literature supplied with your grafik eye, or call lutron electronics co. Changing the wireless mode of the grafik eye qs wireless control unit 1.

Every physical device in the system rpm zone, d48 zone, grafik eye, etc has a system device address. View online or download lutron electronics grafik eye qsgrj6p installation and operation manual. The keypad in the photos is the actual item you will receive. Quick installation and operation guide lutron electronics. Provide grafik eye interface and control capabilities in a wholebuilding grafik 7000 facility with the grafik eye 3600 and 4600. Use only one lighting control for any light source, the lutron grafik 3000 and lutron integrale. Qs wallstation programming guide page 2 these instructions apply to standalone systems with components limited to grafik eye qs control units, sivoia qs shades, energi savr node tm units, and seetouch, seetouch international, signature series tm, and architrave tm qs wallstations. Use a separate grafik eye 3000 control unit for each distinct roomspace in a project. The sivoia qs smart panel is designed to be hardwired into a standard 120 240 v circuit. Connect and collaborate with other lutron customers in the lutron support community to discover solutions and share tips on lutron products and systems. You can however use a 3rd party app with a hardware accessory that turns the iphone or ipad into a universal remote, such as redeye. Allinone solution ovider control of lighting, temperature, and shades ensures seamless integrationsinglepr on offers solutions for the entire propertylutr from guest rooms to public areas and backofhouse on products and services deliver a uniform, global experience before, during, and after lutr project installation offers integration with other hotel systems. Lutron ntgrx4siv four scene ntgrx remote iv wallstation, lutron, grafik eye, keypad, special features.

With 2 pairs, this cable provides a 24v dc supply and signal from the grafik eye to the seetouch keypad in stock and sold per metre at. Lutron grx3506 grafik eye 3000 series 6zone pc programmable preset dimming control unit, matte color, gloss color, satin color, metal color, anodized aluminum color. Lutron electronics grafik eye qsgrj6p pdf user manuals. Here is the official installation guide from lutron. Sivoia qs provides many features to add flexibility and ease at any stage of a project. For lutron ballasts, lutron will repair or replace any unit that is defective in materials. The lutron integration protocol will allow thirdparty equipment, such as touchscreens, universal remote controls, and software applications, to control and monitor devices in a lutron lighting control system. If this is a graphic eye, the dimmer turn on level is the scene that will fire for the on state. Lutron will, at its option, repair or replace any unit that is defective in materials or manufacture within one year after purchase. View and download lutron electronics seetouch qsws21b installation manual online. Lutron if component was not purchased with lutron startup, so long as customer promptly notifies lutron of the defect, upon the return of the defective parts as to the supplied computer, if requested by lutron, or lutron determining that a defect exists as to the software, lutron will, at its option, either. Used lutron grxr 14 grafik eye keypad for use with grx. The lutron s eetouch keypads are designed for use with the grafik eye qs home automation control panel. The lighting is controlled in up to 6 preset zones which can be accessed by wall panels or other control systems.

Lutron grx3106 grafik eye 3000 series 6zone preset dimming control unit. Pico remotes hybrid dimmerkeypad pico scene keypads grafik t dimmer sivoia qs triathlon pico remotes sivoia qs wireless pico scene keypads occupancyvacancy sensors seetouch inwall keypad seetouch tabletop keypad grafik t keypads powpak dimming modules grafik eye qs sivoia qs triathlon sivoia qs wireless occupancy vacancy sensors notes. Lutron european seetouch qs 8button raiselower wallstation qswe8brln lutron lighting eu online shop contact terms and conditions about us how to order. The benefits fewer components means faster installation times and lower installation costs. You can expand the possibilities of your grafik 3000 dimming system with some auxiliary items.

Grafik eye qs with ecosystem control unit install lutron. With the data saved, the somfy connect will send out saved commands rs485 based on the lutron serial strings received. Available in a variety of 15 different button configurations. Lutron caseta smart home dimmer switch, works with alexa. The protocol supports three basic types of integration operations. Each feature is designed around what is most important to you how well your building is working. Lutron homeworks system overview lutron homeworks qs architectural seetouch keypad overview lutron homeworks qs hybrid seetouch keypad overview homeworks qs system. Grafik eye qs helps you save energy and meet the aesthetic, functional, and regulatory needs of any project or space. Lutron please leave for occupantlutron 3000 series installers guide models 3100 and 3500 important. Grafik eye lighting controls must be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with all applicable regulations.

To test, put the somfy connect in run mode and activate the lutron pushbuttons whose serial strings were captured. Grafik eye qs with ecosystem control unit installation and operation guide 2. Control any load, from screw in led bulbs to ecosystem led drivers, with premium dimming performance and no need for an additional interface. Lutron homeworks seetouch keypads work seamlessly within the system to control lights, shades, temperature and integrated devices. This feature allows for easy integration of wireless sensors, keypads, remotes, and shades for singleroom wireless applications, as well as compatibility with other. Lutron grxcbl346s500 low voltage cable, 4 conductor, grafik eye 3000. Lutron homeworks qs integrates with home security systems.

Works with grafik eye 3000, grafik eye 4000, grafik 7000, homeworks, sivoia qed, lcp128, and xps systems. Qs series, seetouch qsws22b, seetouch qsws27b, seetouch qsws23b, seetouch qsws22brl, seetouch qsws23brl, seetouch qsws25brl. Tutorial of how to take a keypad that is working with a grafik eye qs. Grafik eye qs allows you to meet your aesthetic, functional, and regulatory needs for any.

Lutron grx3106 grafik eye 3000 series 6zone preset. Used lutron grxr 14 grafik eye keypad for use with grx3000 or grx4000 systems. Lutron warrants each new unit to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to perform under normal use and service. Grafik eye qs is now available with reliable lutron clear connect rf technologytm, which provides wireless connectivity to shades, sensors, and keypads. Lutron grafik eyecan it be controlled via an iphoneipad. The sivoia qs shading product family includes roller blinds, curtain tracks, and skylight blinds.

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