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Oya is the third wife or second concubine of shango, the orisha of fire, lightning, dance, and martial arts. She is known as the mother of nine for she gave birth to nine different stillborn children. Olodumare is also known by various other names including olorun, eledumare, eleda and olofinorun. Orishas return to cuban roots on new song isla billboard. Oya rise of the orisas african superhero movie on vimeo. She is a much feared orisha due to her powers as she can create a storm so powerful that she can destroy towns upon towns.

Download orishas mp3 songs and albums music downloads. Nosa igbinedion, a young filmmaker presents oya rise of. Scam buster promoting greater accountability in the spiritual community by busting scams and informing people of what proper ceremonial and root work should be. The film resurrects mythical deities from african folklore, known as orishas, into modernday superheroes, focusing on ade, one of the few people in the modern world who still has a connection with one of the gods oya. Purchase your copy and witness the birth of the 1st african superhero universe. Nosa wanted to use the concept of orisha for many reasons. Get exclusive offers, emailonly coupons and other surprises by signing up for our newsletter. Under the power of his father olorun, obatala created the earth and all. He is revered as the king of kings and the creator of all mankind. Please note the deliver by date when checking out as we do our best to meet those dates.

In praise of an african goddess, author gleason explains the relationship between the two orishas oya s winds precede thunderstorms. Oya locks shango in the palace oya became furious when she learned of shangos womanizing once more. The film will be presented in a visually unique style, drawing inspiration from related genres including scifi, action and martial arts, and aims to be a truly phenomenal. Oya also known as xansa, oya yansa mother of nine was the wife of ogun before chango took her away from him. The winds, tornadoes and lighting are at her every command. Shes multicolored, because she is actually the energy of the chakras. In praise of an african goddess, author gleason explains the relationship between the two orishas oyas winds precede thunderstorms. Yemoja is a 6 part series with a new episode released weekly. Somente a deusa orixa oya da mudanca ainda esta conectada ao adesuwa, seu devoto dedicado.

She can manifest as winds ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone. Obatala, meaning king of the white cloth, is the eldest of all orishas. Firstly as a nigerian he is naturally afro centric in his approach to life and art in general. Even if i feel the sun on my skin everyday if i dont feel you even if i see the most beautiful things up in the sky if i dont see you take me oya take me oya take me. Orisha definition of orisha by the free dictionary. The savvy orisha worshipper knows that existence is multidimensional. Orisha oya in this sacred story of oya, orisha oya was married to male orisha shango, the orisha of fire. She is widely loved, as she is known for healing the sick and bringing fertility and prosperity, and she especially watches over the poor and brings them what they need. Orishaoko gives his followers stability in life, health, vitality, fecundity. The 12minute short film stars ethosheia hlton as oya, prince shoyelu, jayde stedford, quincy okpokpor, luiana bonfim and orwi imanuel ameh. Seen as the quintessential father figure, obatala watches over all younger orishas. We seek solace in oya we were are going doing change and transformation. In this fast paced action film, the deities known as the orisha, are reenvisioned as superheroes.

Kimbanda oyarise of the orisha completo legendado o. Any of various spirits in west african and especially yoruban religious belief that can interact directly with human beings. Step into her world, as oya goes on a mission to stop a lunatic, intent on. Rise of the orisha filme completo dublado online gratis, assista agora oya. An orisha also spelled orisa or orixa is a spirit or deity that reflects one of the manifestations of olodumare god in the yoruba spiritual or religious system. Faca parte do filmow e avalie este filme voce tambem. Oya locks shango in the palace the yoruba religious concepts. Her victims are a rich man, alara, a king, king ajero, and a town, orangun. Introduction to orisha the yoruba religious concepts.

Home photos ceremonies offerings to yemaya, oshun, and oya. Check out the african superhero movie, oya rise of the orisha. The premium edition includes all 6 episodes and also extras such as the soundtrack, behind the scenes, script and a poster pack. Orishas 2016 l to ruzzo, yotuel, and roldan credit. She was married to ougn and also was sangos favorite queen.

She carries much sadness about her incapacity to give birth and she dresses with nine different colored scarves around her waist in. Amina, a young doctor, has her life thrown into turmoil when a politician. Orisha oko also spelled orishaoko or orishaoco is the orisha of agriculture, farming, fertility and the mysteries associated with the earth, life and death. See more ideas about yoruba orishas, african mythology and orisha. Sacred stories of the orishas journey of a 21st century. From the 1st african superhero shared universe comes the webseries yemoja.

This short film is a precursor to the debut feature film of one of the. Oya enters the modern world in human form and goes on a mission to stop eshu, another orisha seeking to plunge the world into chaos. Also if you are really keen on helping us build this universe. The film resurrects mythical deities from african folklore, known as orishas. Rise of the orisha online legendado em portugues, oya. This is the best book on oya in any languageenglish, spanish or french. Dirigido por nigeriano, filme sobre orixas ganha versao especial. The direction and the intent that you charge the spirit and the orisha with is what adds the humanistic qualities to the expression of the ase or power that manifests. He is one of the hardest working orishas for it is his job to work the earth, feed humanity and the orishas and keep the cycles of growing working yearround. Oya is a complex orisha who has endured much sadness in her life. Rise of the suporishas is an exciting action packed film, written and.

She is the goddess of storms and winds, and her realm ranges from. So while he was sleeping she took advantage of this and placed her peons egguns, the dead who where loyal to her around the palace walls. Orisha oya laminated prayer card original products botanica. Orisha ori head sa selected orisa is a selected conscious within the realm of the supreme intelligence. Rise of the orisha filme online gratis no brasil, oya. Orisha are spirits that reflects one of the manifestations of god in the yoruba religion. That signifies that shes the one that brings us through various phases. The film reimagines deities known as orisas from yoruba cultural and religious heritage as modern day super heroes. Sep 1, 20 oya is one many irunmole, of the yoruba pantheon. Oya, embodied in a tornado, devastates all levels of society. She is considered either the sister of the orisha of storms shango, or one of his three wives, with oshun and oba. Featured in the bbc and brazils national paper, o globo, the african deities, orisha, return in a new 6 part story. He hasnt been very impressed by film worldwide and also from africa in terms.

Igbo cybershrine a blog about the igbo belief system known as odinani lord game over. Rise of the orisha is a young woman named adesuwa who has the unique ability to transform into the fearsome warrior goddess, oya, the orisha of change. This series is part of a cinematic universe of deities that plays out across an upcoming feature film, comic books and series. Created by nosa igbinedion, this short film follows oya. It is not often we get to see a superhero movie by an african with interesting visual effects. Her origins place her in nupe and she migrated into the oyo lineage. Como anunciado o diretor nigeriano nosa igbinedion estava produzindo um filme baseado na mitologia ioruba, criando superherois africanos. Oya rise of the orixas african superhero movie on vimeo. Rise of the orisha filme completo dublado,assistir oya. Rise of the orisha resurrects mythical deities from african folklore, known as orishas, into modernday superheroes in britain.

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