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Patch manager reports best thing to do is to check out other peoples custom reports. The new module is managed from the same console that customers or msps are using today. Create a custom report using the patch manager report definition. Solarwinds ncentral report manager clearly demonstrate your value to clients with detailed, custom reports remote monitoring and management tools help it providers accomplish more with the same resources. Check out the documents here on thwack, they are located in the patch manager server location and click on the content tab and then choose the custom report templates on the left side. After you integrate patch manager with the orion platform, you can generate a patch manager report in the orion server main polling engine or the orion additional web server. Solarwinds access rights manager provides provisioning, deprovisioning, and access rights auditing. Patch manager provides reporting feature but it is also a good idea to use orion reporting platform to create reports on patches and. Solarwinds provides predefined reports for patch manager and each orion product.

Patch manager is designed to easily integrate with sccm and wsus to extend their capabilities to schedule patches and patch thirdparty applications. These reports offer your teams increased visibility into your patch status and current compliance. Within the customer portal you can download products, receive support, renew maintenance, and much more. Common patch manager reports patch manager uses inventory tasks to pull census data from the wsus servers and managed systems. Patch manager is a standalone application but it can easily be integrated with the solarwinds orion platform to show the current status of the wsus servers, patches, servers and desktop devices. Tracking who got patched, with what, and what still needs to be patched is hard enough, especially with new patches mounting. Log in to the patch manager console as an administrator. Keeping software current is crucial for businesses today, but in many disciplines, updating features may cause more problems than it. Use the patch manager report builder and report viewer to generate a report, customize an existing report, and generate a custom report for your wsus servers and managed clients. The new reporting engine allows end users to quickly and easily compile reports using an intuitive point and click webinterface directly from the orion web console.

Common patch manager reports documentation for solarwinds. Hello i am investigating replication failures between two database servers in separate sites based on communication issues according to the logs. Solarwinds customer success center is here to provide you with what you need to install, troubleshoot, and optimize your solarwinds products. Patch manager includes wsus, configuration management, and task history report that provide information about your deployment. Solarwinds ncentral reports provide summary and overview information on the status of patching with your. Patch manager extends wsus and sccm environments by adding the ability to manage 3rdparty software patches all within one tool. Our flagship report is designed to help you quantify and communicate the business and technical value of your services to your users and management. Solarwinds patch manager can help you minimize security risks by providing easytouse reporting tools right out of the box. You can generate a report using one of the predefined reports listed at the. Solarwinds patch management software is an affordable, easy to use tool for thirdparty patch management across tens of thousands of servers and workstations. Generate patch manager reports in the orion web console. After you install the web interface on the orion server, you can log in to the orion web console, click my dashboards patches patch summary to view the patch manager. Using patch manager, admins can generate patch compliance reports to help demonstrate to internal stakeholders and external auditors that servers and workstations operating on their network have been properly updated with the most recently available patches, helping provide peace of mind that potential security vulnerabilities have been appropriately addressed and support their ability to demonstrate. Common patch manager compliance reports solarwinds success.

Solarwinds patch manager makes it easy to perform 3rdparty patch management across tens of thousands of servers and workstations, and enables you to leverage and extend the capabilities of microsoft wsus or sccm to report, deploy, and manage 3rdparty patches as well as microsoft patches. Creating reports solarwinds uses cookies on our websites to facilitate and improve your online experience. Solarwinds patch manager software is an affordable, easy to use tool for thirdparty patch management across tens of thousands of servers and workstations. On wednesday, may 27 customers can spend the day with solarwinds sales engineers and product experts learning how to get the most out of our products and tools. Capable of deploying windows 10 feature updates with a single approval, operating system upgrades have never been simpler. However, because much of your work occurs in the background, this can make it difficult to demonstrate your value to customers. These reports display key metrics and support activities in an easytodigest, professionallooking business report that showcases all the critical functions you perform. With solarwinds patch manager, youll not only know what critical patches need to be implemented, but also have the power to schedule them across thousands of servers and workstations. This demo showcases how to view the current state of the selected systems using the update details tab, create a wsus inventory task, use the update approvals tab, use the update management wizard. If it is, this means that etl is running and you will need to wait, possibly a few hours. Patch manager includes several reports that provide information about the performance of the wsus server. Solarwinds is an onpremise security and patch management solution that offers microsoft windows server update services wsus management, system center configuration manager sccm management, compliance management and reporting within a suite.

Generate a custom report documentation for solarwinds. This article provides a link to patch manager custom reports on thwack and describes how to import the report to your patch manager server. Npm reports troubleshooting node replication thwack. Patch manager integrates with the solarwinds orion platform via the orion patch manager dashboard to provide such features as ondemand patching, patch scheduling and. With the information from the reports, you can get a complete picture of the patching status for a customer, and identify where deficiencies are occurring. This data is displayed in the patch manager administrator console, orion web console for orion integrations, and your reports such as a wsus inventory report. In combination with solarwinds security manager disk encryption manager is an efficient way to manage, monitor, and report on customers device encryption requirements.

Hi all, i use a single patch manager pas to patch servers in multiple domains across 2 wsus servers. Im very new to using npm to investigate network issues. By continuing to use our website, you consent to our use of cookies. Were modernizing this product to be more responsive, intuitive, and secure to help make it easier for you to monitor your environment for suspicious and malicious behavior. Sccm patch management third party patching tool solarwinds.

Based on your needs, search or browse product guides, documentation, training, onboarding and upgrading information, and support articles. For devices with windows 10 installed, the number of updates shown in solarwinds ncentral may not match the list in windows update. The tool boasts robust reporting features to help you stay compliant. Well highlight best practices and have detailed discussions about unique use cases and challenges, and offer clientspecific recommendations.

Create a custom report that displays all pending updates. Solarwinds is excited to support girls who code by helping fundraise during these challenging times. How does automated patch management work in solarwinds patch manager. Patch manager is built to help automate the patching and reporting processes for servers, workstations, virtual machines, and applications in your environment. Security manager av defender software solarwinds msp. Introduction to solarwinds patch manager by solarwindsinc. It also indicates missing patches by workstationserver and patch classification. Solarwinds patch manager software lets you leverage and extend the capabilities of microsoft wsus and sccm to report, deploy, and manage microsoft and thirdparty patches. To view all instructorled web based trainings, visit the solarwinds academy virtual classrooms page. In the reports pane, select select computer update status. Patch manager is an intuitive patch management software you can use for the automated patching of microsoft servers, workstations, and thirdparty applications. Generate reports solarwinds uses cookies on our websites to facilitate and improve your online experience.

Patch management reporting solarwinds ncentral reports provide summary and overview information on the status of patching with your customers. When patch manager is enabled, the patch status service considers the missing patches are only the patches that have been approved. Custom patch manager report templates on thwack solarwinds. However, since ncentral reports on installed patches, we query for patches where isinstalled0 or isinstalled1, effectively retrieving all patches. This report provides details of the current patch status of devices including the count of installed patches and the age of each missing and failed patch. Welcome to the solarwinds customer portal login page. I know the nodes and the time frame when the replication issues occurred.

By monitoring successful and unsuccessful deployments, users can more easily identify problem devices and systems to resolve patching issues and ensure endpoints demonstrate compliance. Solarwinds uses cookies on our websites to facilitate and improve your online experience. Create a thirdparty updates report in patch manager solarwinds. In 25 minutes, ill take you through the key features and functions and a little bit of configuration for the solarwinds patch manager. From the long list of patch management software available on the internet, choosing the right one might give newcomers a tough time. Under available datasources, select computer update status with update information. Create a patch manager report for thirdparty updates. Report manager disk spacedisk is running out of space. This article provides a list of common reports you can generate in patch manager that may help you with your compliance audits. Solarwinds patch manager provides outofthebox, easytouse, builtin reports to help it teams remain compliant as they develop new patches.

Solarwinds patch manager is a patch management tool that enables reporting, deployment and management of microsoft and third party patches on servers and workstations. All classes are included for customers under active maintenance. Solarwinds solarwinds voip and network quality manager vnqm provides a webbased reporting feature as a quick and easy way for you to extract data from your database. In the navigation pane, expand administration and reporting reporting configuration management. Solarwinds remote monitoring and management cloud patch management software finetune your patch management policies to prevent cyberattacks and optimize system performance keeping businesses safe requires constant vigilanceyou need to keep all systems up to date with the latest patches or you can open it up to serious security risks. How to generate reports of your wsus server and other. If youre looking for a comprehensive, easytouse patch management software, look no further than solarwinds patch manager.

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