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Author joe silvera takes the mystery out of soldering, so that amateur jewelry. Friendly and thorough instructional text and stepbystep photos help readers build skills gradually, which they can then employ with the included projects. Soldering made simple, joe silvera this book is the complete guide to simple soldering. Soldering made simple takes all the mystery and fear out of soldering so that amateur jewelry makers even. First lets start with preparing the desoldering iron. It is taught with all the clarity and enthusiasm for which the author is famous. For most adafruit kits and projects, you will want a pencilstyle soldering iron with 25 watts or more.

Joe silvera gives very detailed instructions such that i am comfortable now beginning to use the kind of heat required to solder. I use the solder wick for removing small amounts of solder. This book is the complete guide to simple soldering. The dvd follows the book as far as tool explanation, safety and work station set up. The key to author joe silveras approach is a handheld butane torch that is safe to use in any home or apartment.

In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut. Watch our free instructional videos on torch safety, soldering at home, and more. Joe silvera is a contributor to artjewelry magazine. The circuit that includes the power switch also includes a small light. If youre just learning soldering and have any questions, leave them in comments below. Start small, making earring and simple shapes, and progress to challenging constructions including a box clasp and rings. Cold heat circuitry cold heat circuit howstuffworks. Soldering made simple is a master class by a master craftsman.

Other popular brands include those made by weller and ungar. Question 5 semiconductor components such as diodes and transistors are easily damaged by the high temperatures of soldering, so care must be taken to protect these components during the soldering process. There is a vast variety of soldering irons on the market, from the small to the large, and from the inexpensive to the very costly. It can be purchases at any radio shack for under 20. Youll learn 29 different methods for soldering and heating for both automatic and manual. Books soldering made simple book by joe silvera beaducation. Weve established that the cold heat tool has pretty simple circuitry. Joe walks you through the creating of a necklace and pendant starting with simple jump ring soldering, to melting silver to make a ball, sweat soldering, forging, and soldering near beads with step by step explanations. How delighted i was to find soldering made simple by joe silvera and learn that soldering can be easy and inexpensive, and i can start with a inexpensive, handheld, butane torch.

Easy techniques for the kitchentable jeweler tells how to. A parallel circuit stays broken until both halves of the tip come into contact with a conductive material. Heat the joint with your soldering iron and place the tip of the solder sucker over the hot solder. Having the proper tools makes all the difference in the world. Also included in the book is a section on how to choose bezel wire, sizing a. These two videos, the first, a classic weekend project with bre pettis and joe grand, and the second, a segment from make.

Getting started with soldering not only teaches new makers and experimenters the core principles of soldering, it also functions as an excellent reference and resource for beginners and more advanced makers alike featuring fourcolor photos, this book guides readers through the fundamentals of soldering, explains the tools and materials, demonstrates proper techniques, and shows how to fix. He is the author of soldering made simple kalmbach books, 2010. Two trigger positions let you switch in stantly to the heat best suited for the job. A stepbystep guide made simple taunton press geodetic datums made simple. Joe will teach you the fundamentals of jewelry soldering in his step by step instruction of making a soldered pendant and necklace. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read soldering made simple. Soldering made simple takes all the mystery and fear out of soldering so that amateur jewelry makers. This followup to the successful soldering made simple, soldering beyond the basics expands the skills introduced in joe silveras first book. Easy techniques for the kitchentable jeweler ebook written by joe silvera. Easy techniques for the kitchentable jeweler paperback by.

Joe silvera makes soldering accessible to a wide audience. The key tool that makes joes methods safe and easy to do at home is an inexpensive, handheld butane torch. Ranging from industrial to hobby applications, soldering, brazing, and other techniques that take metal to its melting point can produce everything from fences to stained glass. Tools need will be a soldering iron, heat machine, rosin flux, solder, 3m silicone dielectric grease, wire stripers, and some shrink tubing.

Dual heat gives high and low soldering temperatures. A beginners guide to jewelry making, by kate ferrant richbourg is a complete course in soldering. Press the release button to suck up the liquid solder. He coaches through each step and takes the mystery out of soldering, so that amateur jewelry makers feel empowered and confident even those who have never held a butane torch. Simple electric soldering irons have no controls and you simply plug them in and wait for them to heat up. Or if theres a bit of solder left on a bigger solder joint that the solder. Welding and soldering are valuable skills that can be used in a variety of applications. To use, press the plunger down at the end of the solder sucker. Simple soldering is a complete howto guide for creating soldered metal jewelry, including tools, techniques, and twenty beautiful projects. Dvd customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. A beginners guide to jewelry making by kate ferrant richbourg. Physicist brian cox explains black holes in plain english. Learn how to insert the correct tip in the soldering iron, tin it when new, select correct heat setting on the white soldering irons this is critical and must be set at only. For example to remove solder bridges between pins on a chip.

In order to empty the solder sucker, press down on the plunger. Step by step guide surveying mathematics made simple volume 19 dbt made. See more ideas about jewelry, jewelry making and metal jewelry. Soldering iron workstations provide the optimum solution for a soldering iron. Joe and anat silvera are both authors of popular jewelry books. Review by abigail franklyn posted on 782010 complete guide to jewelry soldering. Video podcast soldering tutorial, we present a pdf of gareth branwyns street tech soldering guide with illustrations by mark frauenfelder, which was published in gareths book absolute beginners guide to building robots between the video, gareths guide, and the primer in make. Heat sinks made out of sheet metal may be temporarily clipped to. Techniques such as soldering jump rings, melting sterling silver into a ball, sweat soldering, forging wire, soldering near beads and using a. Tools and techniques for assembling electronics 1 by brian jepson, tyler moskowite, gregory hayes isbn. It will end up costing you more in ruined kits and damaged components. Rio grande jewelry making supplies for the best in jewelry findings and gemstones, tools, jewelry supplies and equipment, and the packaging and display items essential to the success of your jewellery business since 1944. Friendly and thorough instructional text and stepbystep photos help readers build skills gradually, which they can then employ with the included.

I imagined expensive tanks and torches and complicated processes. Step by step guide surveying mathematics made simple book 19 geodetic datums made simple. Soldering made simple shows how you can make professionalquality jewelry right at home. You guys are ok in my book, just give me a little heads up next time. A soldering tutorial for modellers assembling brass.

You can purchase one from radio shack for under fifteen dollars. Soldering made simple, soldering beyond the basics, and enameling made easy. You may enjoy this video as a companion to joes 112page book, soldering made simple. One way to do this is to use a heat sink to draw heat away from the component without cooling the connection point too much. A much more clear explanation of soldering is by joe silvera soldering made simple. Popular soldering books meet your next favorite book. A weller dual heat gun is the easiest soldering tool to use. You may enjoy this dvd as a companion to joe silveras 112page book, soldering made simple. Given the diy nature of this issue, we thought it would be appropriate to address. Soldering made simple by joe silvera overdrive rakuten. But you are now totally ready to solder just about anything. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

The join is made when the solder metal attaches itself to the surface of the two parts and then cools. A simple soldering iron that has a cord that is plugged into the mains is generally referred to as a plain. Author and teacher kate richbourg cheerfully demystifies basic soldering, showing how to create sophisticated. Featuring subjects that beginners need to know, it focuses on topics such as the next step in torch setup, how to solder with various metals, keeping metal clean with less polishing work, setting stones and found objects, and fusing metal and use. Easy techniques for the kitchentable jeweler silvera, joe on. The author takes the mystery out of soldering, so that amateur jewelry makers feel empowered and confident even those who have never he. Soldering made simple the key to author joey silveras approach is a handheld butane torch that is safe to use in any home or apartment. After spending an hour soldering every wire to the aftermarket radio. Soldering isnt an easy skill to learn, although its easy to do it badly, but there are lots of tips that arent immediately obvious that can help you out a bunch. I want to say that i also have kate richbourgs book called simple soldering and i think. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the enter key is pressed. Heat and spotlight come on instantly when trig ger is pulled.

Soldering is easy comic book pdf we also have some other versions of the comic available. Announcing the soldering is easy complete comic book. Joe demonstrates how this easy to use torch can solder nearly any small scale jewelry project with success. Joe silvera has more than 20 years of experience in metalworking as a goldsmith, wax modelmaker, and jewelry designer. See more ideas about soldering, soldering jewelry and stained glass. The ultimate guide to soldering pimoroni yarrniversity. This guide will aim to cover everything you need to know, and probably a fair bit you dont need to know, about soldering. Purchase soldering in electronics assembly 2nd edition. Choosing a soldering iron there are many types of soldering irons. He coaches through each step and takes the mystery out of soldering, so that amateur jewelry makers feel empowered and confident. The solder wick is another tool for removing solder. Volume 01, there is no excuse for people not to pick up a soldering. I have basic jewelry training so i can figure stuff out.

Soldering is one of those skills that with just 30 minutes of practice you become an expert for life. Soldering irons may be electric, gas powered or externally heated. Sweatsoldering picksoldering soldering near beads using a third hand. The soldering tools that make your life easier build. Get the latest developments in solder technology you cant work in electronics without solder and you shouldnt work with solder without solders and soldering, fourth edition. If you like soldering, and want to solder well, youll want to buy some good tools. Profusely illustrated, this book by the worlds top solder educator has been the leader in its field for two decades. Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at manualsonline.

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